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Zaradich Law is a woman-owned law firm. Attorney Lisa C. Zaradich takes pride in her ability to listen to each client and to provide careful and thorough legal advice to accomplish the client’s desired outcome. Her experience allows her to anticipate potential issues, to work collaboratively with the client to determine the solution that is consistent with the client’s values, and to do it all efficiently.

Our practice areas include: (1) forming and structuring business entities, with a specific focus on obtaining and maintaining tax exemption for nonprofit organizations; (2) preparing and reviewing business contracts, including vendor and nondisclosure agreements, buy-sell agreements, independent contractor agreements, and private loan documentation; (3) assisting women, minorities, and other disadvantaged business owners obtain third party certification; (4) trade and service mark registration; and (5) counseling and assisting individuals with the preparation and funding of a comprehensive estate plan.


Our Practice Areas


Business Transactions

We can help with forming and organizing your entity, reviewing and updating your agreements, connecting you with professionals who can value and help sell your business, and/or assisting you with liquidation and dissolution.

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Estate Planning

When preparing an estate plan, our goal is to help you gain peace of mind by documenting your wishes and instructions to others, while maintaining the relationships you value. We do that through consultation to discuss what documents are appropriate to your situation.

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We provide a broad spectrum of legal and consulting services for nonprofit organizations, including formation, obtaining tax exemption with federal and state agencies, and on-going advice and counsel.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


She takes the time to listen to what I have to say and makes the best possible suggestion, she has saved me many times from big major disasters. I would not make a move without consulting her.

- Steven K.